BURN-ed Garden: All the news that fits plus 'record shots'. { 27 images } Created 10 Oct 2011

San Antonio, Texas. October 2011. 'BURN-ed Garden' group photo exhibition. Includes photos of the curators, a visiting artist, the opening reception and for those who contributed photos, a set of record shots that show where your photo was situated in the scheme of things.

Kim and Panos are the best of the best. They took great care of the BURNians prints, worked their asses off to make the show work and entertained two visitors. And, damn if a bunch of photos didn't sell. All that and it was fun weekend too.

Panos and Kim took a chance and as a result, it appears that San Antonio is a photo friendly place. A lot of people now know more about photography and BURN, too.

It is not over, either, as Kim and Panos are meeting with more people and have many mini-events planned. I expect more prints and BURN 02 books will be sold.

BURN for me is about community. At its core it is also about giving back. This past weekend, Michael, Kim and Panos breathed and lived it.

On a personal note, my voice was hoarse from talking. It was like I gave 5 or 6 mini workshops. People asked great questions. The best part was that I actually had examples--from Nancy's happy 'snap to Harvey's iconic image--to help answer them.

Thank you to those who submitted the 82 photos and Imants for the photo sculpture. Thank you David for creating BURN in the first place. Michael A Shapiro, thank you for showing up and lending a well needed hand. Yvette and Andy at SMARTArt Project Space...thank you. Big ups to Kim's friends and associates at Citigroup who made a positive and real difference. Obviously a great big thank you to Kim and Panos, consider this gallery a love letter to you. Lets not forget Lola the dog too. Finally thank you to the BURN community who invest their time and energy to make this whole BURN enterprise so vital.
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